K12 Computer Science EduFair

23 - 24 April 2021

K12 Computer Science Education Fair

K12 Computer Science Education Fair (or K12 CS Education Fair) is an event that aims to promote computer science (CS) education to kindergarten-high school age children and showcase some of the best software and applications built by talented young programmers from Indonesia. This event also aims to start a conversation within the education community in Indonesia about the best way to implement CS education at the TK-SMA level through a dialogue session that will be attended by educational leaders and policy makers in Indonesia.

K12 CS Education Fair is comprised of two components: PENABUR Kids Fest & Code Olympiad


PENABUR Kids Fest 2021


YouTube Channel: BPK PENABUR Jakarta

PENABUR Kids Fest begins with the enthusiasm of early childhood educators at TKK PENABUR Jakarta to encourage creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration for early childhood. Through this event, it is hoped that knowledge sharing will occur and will be able to transform early childhood education in the future.

23 April 2021

Code Olympiad 2021


Online Competition via Zoom

YouTube Channel: BPK PENABUR Jakarta

Code Olympiad started as a platform for young programmers to showcase their work. The goal is to inspire other students when they present their work. We also hope that this activity can open up paradigms and provide insight to the public about the importance of learning computer science at an early age.

24 April 2021

Meet the Speakers


Ministry of Education Indonesia

Leonardo O. Villacorta

VP of International Partnerships


Jake Bell

International Partnerships Manager


Ir. Antono Yuwono



Dr. Kumalasari Onggobawono, M.Pd.

Head of Education Division


Catherine F. Alimsyah

Chief Operation Officer

Coding Bee Academy

Dr. Christian Fredy Naa M.Si., M.Sc.

University Lecturer

Parahyangan Catholic University


About the Organisers


BPK PENABUR Jakarta is the largest and leading educational institution in Indonesia. This foundation has been established since 1950. Our vision is to become a Christian educational institution that excels in faith, knowledge and service. Currently, BPK PENABUR Jakarta has grown rapidly with 80 schools consisting of national, bilingual, and international programs.

Coding Bee Academy is an educational institution that focuses on Computer Science (coding) and technology education for K12 students. We believe that every child can and should learn computer science. We do this by designing our lessons to be fun and accessible to everyone. We are also proud to be a member of Code.org's international partners with the common goal of bringing Computer Science education to children in every school.

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31 March 2021

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Ms. Enik Hernawati
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23 March 2021

For inquiry please contact:

Ms. Jacqueline

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